What is Bonyo Taiwan ?

The pronunciation of “Bonyo” is similar to Mandarin “Guó bāng zhī yǒu: Friends of all countries,” and we hope that we could show you our country Taiwan as a friend, and make you feel welcome and at home.


We hope that through the local people in Taiwan, you can learn more about Taiwan's history and culture on the road, with the help of some basic Chinese, so that you can get closer to Taiwan's local life and make your trip to Taiwan more in-depth. I hope that you will be able to feel the friendliness and warmth of the Taiwanese local people through your interactions and create lasting memories.

What does the 4000 NTD fee include for "Basic Mandarin-Learning 6-hour Course"?

It includes a 2-hour basic Mandarin course, a 3-hour local city on-foot Mandarin course, Taiwanese cuisine lunch (100NT/person), transportation fee for one trip (20-60 NTD, depend on the route), and travel insurance.

What does the 2000 NTD fee include for "Basic Mandarin-Learning 3-hour Course"?

It includes a 3-hour local city on-foot Mandarin course and travel insurance.

Is accommodation including in the course?

Although accommodation is not included, we do have some recommendation here :)

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