Join fun activities with Taiwanese locals and learn a bit Mandarin on the side!

Explore Taipei

Learn Mandarin

Make Friends

You can choose several diverse tour themes, which could be fun and challenging! You will experience vibrant and historical Taipei!

Different from normal walking tours and activities, by signing up our unique experience, you can learn basic and useful Mandarin!

Our friendly teaching/tour assistants will accompany you during the journey and share their passion for Taipei with you!

Locals in Taiwan + Mandarin-learning  =  Best way to explore Taiwan!


Every Day

9:00 am - 9:00 pm

Mandarin-learning + Commerce & Trade Over a Century



Dadaocheng Basic Mandarin-Learning Course (3 Hours)


Every Day

9:00 am - 9:00 pm

Mandarin-learning + Fashion & Cultural and Creative Industries



TAIPEI Basic Mandarin-Learning Course (3 Hours)


Hey! My name is Lara. A girl with passion for literally everything about traveling and sharing!


I love they way when life accidentally bring us together and got a chance to spend time together. 

And more friendly TAs :)

What do travelers think?

Noah, USA

Thank you Bonyo Taiwan for giving me one of my most memorable experiences during my visit to Taiwan. I had such a great time learning Chinese and exploring Taipei with your teachers and guides. I joined the tour with zero language experience, and I really appreciated the patience and support I received during the class. Also, thank you all for being such amazing tour guides! I was so impressed by everyone's knowledge of Taiwanese history, and of course the detailed explanations of all the different street food and their origins. Everything was so delicious! Hopefully I will have an opportunity to join a tour next time when I return to Taiwan.



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